Lanise Colon, also known by her Yoruba Name Arira Adeeke (she/they/he) is a mover, choreographer, Healing Artist, and Community Organizer. Studying dance since the age of 4, they have used dance to unlock the hidden language of the soul. She was raised in a home where her grandma taught her to guard what she allowed to enter her physical and spiritual womxn, teaching her that plants have always been the primary source of medicine to heal the full body-spirit...They have traveled the world in search of how to create sanctuaries for Black bodies with the traditions of their ancestors. As a certified Reiki Master, practicing herbalist/Rootworker, and Master Gardener/Urban Farmer she offers a variety of healing services centered around African indigenous practices under the name Seed of Osun. 


Ile Ase

every 3rd solday : sunday 6 to 9:30pm

ILE ASE acts as both a school and a sanctuary. Providing Afro-Indigenous Medicine & Wellness,

Healing Centered Wisdom Sharing, Ancestor Reverence, Ritual, Prayer, and

Rootwork/Spellwork to heal + build community in the hood

This space serves as MONTHLY healing space for ONLY Black, Indigenous People of Color,

happening EVERY 3rd Solday of the month : Sunday 6 to 9:30PM. 

We believe that any community-spiritual intervention must contain a healing component that allows the full spectrum of the human condition to be addressed, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances that manifest as a result of oppression, colonialism, and generational trauma. We offer interventions to return back to our indigenous roots, that include a strong element of self-determined agency, as we all have the ability to heal ourselves and each other.

6 to 7Pm: serves space as a Silent Hour


Being held with light from prayer candles. This hour is to be used for prayer, writing, ritual, movement, communication with self/ancestors/creator/spirit guides/deities. All are welcome to pour in whenever you please if a full hour is difficult. This is a time for reflection and connection, to have a safe space for intercessory prayer and connection. There will be guiding reflection prompts 

7 to 8pm: serves as a space for Healing Stations and 

Healing Centered Vendors. Stations Include Yoga, Massage, Wax Readings, Tarot Divination, Life/ Spiritual Coaching, Story Sharing, Herbal Medicine/Rootwork, Candle Spellwork, Reiki, Crystal Healing Jewelry & Readings, Creative Writing, Ancestor Medicine


8 to 9:30PM: serves as the final hour of

Education and Wisdom Sharing

* Vegan/Vegetarian Food will be provided
* $10 Suggested donation


Black Market | 2136 Washington St | Roxbury, Ma

© 2012 by Arira Adeeke. May your Ancestors guide and your Ori accept


Ase O